The alchemical program that takes you out of your head, connects you with your wantings, and the true you.


with Eva Beronius

For a limited time, you can access two modules of BEING ME as self-study. Giving you 1-3 months of practices.

BEING ME is my longer alchemical program that puts you in touch with your true self, underneath the old layers of conditioning. It takes you out of your head and into your body and allows you to fully embody your wantings and true expression.

The full program comes with Live Sessions, coaching calls, group pods, weekly practices, and guest teachers. (You can read more about it here.)

I know, however, that not everyone has the time, money, or attention to invest in the full journey. That's why I'm offering parts of the teachings and practices as self-study.

This is your chance to get the valuable insights and practices that unlock the door to a fully embodied self.

All materials are recorded, the mini version has no access to the community or live calls, except for one live coaching call for the death-rebirth process.

Or get both, and save $95

What members say

"I feel like I've waited for a course like this my entire life. I feel free now. I felt trapped in a mental loop for a long time that was fear based. It has no hold on me anymore, it's like stepping out of jail. It's amazing, and totally what I came for."

- Carly B

"I got in contact with the power of saying NO and voicing what I want. I’m feeling what I want to do and it has given me way more energy."

- Eric H

"When I think about the shifts that have occurred for me. The major one for me is allowing, accepting and then loving all of my parts. Not just in my mind, but through feeling it."

- Jodi S


Feminine / Masculine Module

Heals the relationship between your body/mind, thinking/feeling and opens you up to a new sense of trust and love in life.

The feminine and the masculine, or the Yin/Yang, are the oldest archetypes and energies alive in everything created. You see the push-and-pull of their dance all around you. This dance is alive in you too, but chances are you are stuck in less mature versions of them, with mistrust, unsafety, criticism, hurt and suppression between the two. This dynamic is reflected in your external relationships as well. The practices in this module heal old wounds, and creates ease, safety, and aliveness inside you.

  • 4+ hour recordings of teaching sessions
  • 10+ practices that heal the immature dynamic and create a nurturing relationship
  • 6+ hour recordings of guest sessions with Chris Bale, Erika Alsborn, and Rosko Blake.
  • Access in two steps: immediately and end-January

Get access to a different relationship to feeling, for $395

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Death/Rebirth Process

Strips you of a current iteration, belief or pattern you want to let go of. Makes you a better Artist of your Life.

A process during the darkness of December which strips you of identification with a belief, a behavior pattern or maybe your whole ego-mind. You decide how deep you want to go and what you're ready to let go of. You enter the new year with more room for new energy and a new dream.

You'll also get access to me live in a group coaching session on Saturday December 17th, 8am Pacific / 11am Eastern / 4pm UK. (If you can't be there live, you can send in questions and watch the recording.)

  • 2+ hour recordings with Eva, of teachings and instructions for the month
  • 20 days of fun, deep and oh so powerful practices that will have you identify shadow parts and fears clinging to the old version
  • 90 min live coaching session with Eva where you can bring your questions (+ recording)
  • Access to the material December 6 (do the process in December or anytime you like)

Let go of what's outdated. Get access for $195.

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    This is a secure 128-bit SSL encrypted payment

Or get both and save $95

When you purchase both the Fem/Masc Module and the Death/Rebirth Process you pay only $495 for the bundle. That's 3 months of powerful practices, recordings of our live sessions, and unique sessions with our guest teachers Erika Alsborn, Chris Bale, and Rosko Blake. The first email with materials will be sent out immediately to the email address you enter below.


Answers to your questions

Are there other payment options?

If you'd like to pay through Paypal or an invoice, we're happy to help with that. We're also able to facilitate split payments if this would help. Simply reach out at

How long do I have access? Do I need to do the practices during November/December?

You have access indefinitely. Meaning you can get the practices now and move through them whenever works with your schedule.

What formats are the practices in? Can I download them?

You'll get immediate access to a Dropbox folder with audio recordings, videos and written instructions in pdf. You can download everything except for the videos (since they contain questions from members we don't want these spread around).

What kind of practices are we talking about exactly?

For the Fem/Masc module, there are 15+ practices divided into:
1) Inventory (guided journaling to bring awareness to corners that have stayed hidden) 2) Healing (guided meditations journeys to meet with parts of yourself)
3) Embodiment (where you bring awareness and expression into your body).

Aside from that, you're getting several hours of recorded talks and conversations with me and guest teachers.

For the Death/Rebirth it's a more structured process:

You'll start with an initial video session where I go through the practices for the month and guide you into the felt sense of letting go. You're also guided to find your focus for the month (what you want to let go of).

Then you'll move into 10 days of daily journaling to find your deepest fears around this topic. Next, you move into 10 days of Shadow Integration with a daily 20 min meditation.

We'll meet for a live session on December 17 where you can bring your questions and receive coaching around your process so far.

Then, on a day around the winter equinox or new year, you do a letting go ceremony.

I'm thinking of doing the full BEING ME program next year. Should I wait with these modules?

BEING ME keeps shifting and evolving and might not contain these practices in the same way next time. It's also practices that don't grow old, they will just take you deeper into layers of yourself each time you do them.

If you're thinking about joining the full round next year, don't let that stop you from moving through this alchemical process if you feel called to do so.  

I've done BEING ME before but am curious about this. How much is new?

You'll probably recognize around 30% of the fem/masc module, depending on what round of Being Me you've been in. There are completely new teaching sessions and many new healing practices for the masculine and feminine. This round of BEING ME is 8 months so we have the luxury to go deeper than we've ever done before.

The Death/Rebirth process is completely new for this round of BEING ME.

I believe these modules will re-connect you with the BEING ME work and allow you to visit corners you didn't before.

I want to do the Death/Rebirth process but I can't be there live for the coaching sessions on Dec 17. Will I miss out?

I will answer questions during that call and you'll be able to watch the recording after. If you do have questions you can send them to me beforehand if you can't be there live. So you can still get coaching and answers even if you can't make the time.

What's the refund policy?

Due to the nature of this digital package, with you getting access and being able to download practices, this package/payment is completely non-refundable.

However, if you have questions about the practices or feedback you'd like to provide, we'd be happy to help you at

Other questions? Ask me here and get a personal answer!

BEING ME is my 8-month alchemical program that puts you in touch with your true self, underneath the old layers of conditioning. It takes you out of your head and into your body and allows you to fully embody your wantings and true expression. It releases shame and old patterns of pleasing and hiding.

Right now a group of around 40 members is moving through the full version of the program, and I wanted to get some of the practices out to people who didn't have the time, money or attention to invest in the full program right now.

You can read more about the full program and get on the waitlist for next year here.

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