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Personal Coaching:
2-hour Breakthrough Session

Get the insights and shifts to your belief system, thoughts and emotions you haven’t been able to create on your own.

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What got you here,
won't get you where you want to go

It's one thing to do beliefs work on your own, and a whole other level to get guided into the root system of your unconscious beliefs. It's not something we've learned how to do and are trained in. If your old pattern of trying to figure everything out on your own has been holding you back from making progress, and you feel ready to move past some persistent obstacles, keep reading.

"I can see it but how do I change it?"

Many of my clients or group program participants come to me with great observing and inventorying skills that they have developed through the self mastery work. They have inventoried the heck out of their patterns. They are observing the thought pattern and reaction again and again throughout their day. But it hasn't made them free of it. Yet. And now they are wondering - how do I actually change what I can observe?

"What is the core belief in this tangled web?"

Ever heard yourself thinking: "I can see a pattern but I don't know how to get to the core of it." It's not because you're particularly bad at this, it's because it's not meant for your thinking mind to find it. When we're stuck in our heads trying to figure it out there will be things hidden to us. I guide you into your unconscious and into your body so you can find out what's going on at the source. When you're surprised about what we're finding we know we've hit gold.

"I know something more is possible..."

Maybe you've done my meditation program Beyond the Mind or the group coaching Being Me and you've had glimpses of different states of consciousness and experiences of your energy body. You want help past resistance and into a deeper sense of yourself. Let's drop past the layers of the mind to experience more of your true power and essence.

Find your power faster.

For the first time, I'm offering single in-depth breakthrough sessions for motivated seekers. Get personal guidance past obstacles and to new states of consciousness.

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Working with Eva has been an inspiring, eye-opening, calming experience. A lot of my fears were put at ease so that I could continue my journey. Don't hesitate. The cost and time will be well spent. — Mark K.


A powerful stepping stone on your onward journey


An in-depth session, tailored for you

We'll inventory the current beliefs you're operating from and understand reactions, patterns and what you want to change. Now we can go deep into your unconscious through interviewing, meditation and somatic experiencing and find answers and shift deep-seated agreements.

Investment: $795 (USD)

FREE BONUS 1Preparations

An inventory worksheet

You will receive a worksheet with questions to help you go deeper in your inventory as preparation for the call. You send your notes to me before our call so that we don’t have to spend valuable time covering the background during our session. This way I get to know more about you, understand what you're struggling with and can dive straight to the core of things when we meet.

FREE BONUS 2 • Recording of our session

Learn from our sessions

You'll receive the recording of our session after our call. This way you don't have to take notes and can focus entirely on your experience during our session. Go back and study techniques so you can repeat them for other patterns in the future. This way it's not just a single coaching session, but an up-leveling of your own process and skills.

FREE BONUS 3 • Audio of meditations

Repeat the process

You'll get the recording of any meditations or dreaming journeys we might do in our session, as an audio file. Experience it again, go deeper or apply it to other belief systems or characters in the future.

$795 investment

Compared to:

  • Keep researching free material and trying to figure it out on your own, not considering it comes with a cost: the investment of valuable time, which means more time away from the essence of you.
  • Investing in another course to learn a new technique or modality when what you actually need is guidance into your body, feeling, your unconscious and learning to hold that space for yourself.
  • Get on the waitlist for a spot on my private coaching packages that starts at $4700.

Let's make it risk-free

Worried that you won't get the results that you're looking for or that you would throw your money away? And afraid of the inner judgments from that? Let's make the only risk that of your old beliefs crumbling and new experiences being had.

If you don't get new clarity, valuable insights or shifts that help you move on to the next step in your process, I'll give you 95% of your investment back. (The remaining 5% is to cover payment processing fees.)

Private Coaching Testimonials

"Eva is a magician. Yesterday she helped me hold space for my characters, and now I feel like I'm holding space for my characters."

- Denis (Croatia)

"Eva is a delight to work with, and her deep wisdom shines through in all she does. She helped me be larger than myself. She knows just the right questions to ask, an amazing gift. There is an air of confidence about her that is contagious. Even though going into a session I might have had worries, those worries vanished after Eva started speaking. In working with Eva there is definitely a feel of curious adventure rather than nose to the grindstone. Yet a great deal is accomplished. The atmosphere is relaxed. Eva makes it fun, while giving profound guidance."

- Martha (USA)

"Thank you for providing a safe space to open parts of me that I was so scared to open up. This made a big impact on my life. It's one thing to do the work yourself, which I’ve done for years before I decided to work with you. Having you there with open arms I was better able to work on aspects of myself that I struggled to do alone."

- Caleb (USA)

"Your presence and unconditional love has had a massive impact on me, encouraging me to tap into the same within myself."

- Chandler (USA)

"The session with Eva was amazing, I was able to go to places that I was unable to reach alone. Eva guided me towards feeling into my body and it was like a breath of fresh air from the analytical loop I was feeling stuck in at the time. It was definitely worth it for me and I shall be back for more."

- Carly (UK)

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know If It's Right For Me?

If you have been doing Self Mastery work for a while and want help with breaking through a specific pattern, belief or getting in touch with a specific emotion or part of you, this is an excellent way of doing so. This session is when you don't feel you need a whole package with regular sessions but want a powerful stepping stone to move forward on your journey.

Who Is This NOT For?

If you're new to belief- or awareness work and need the basic foundation first. We won't get far in a two hour session and you're better off with learning the foundation through the Self Mastery Courses in our community. You can make a lot of progress on your own that way and will receive deeper understanding of the modality.

How Much Does The Session Cost?

You make a one-time investment of $795 for the Breakthrough Session. This price includes all the components listed above.

I'm Worried I Won't Be Able To See Any Change?

I get that. Our mind is worried it will be a waste of time and money and our inner victim will get punished by our inner judge for even believing it would be possible. There's a lot of pain associated with that pattern and our inner protector parts are trying to protect us from that experience. That's why I've made it a little easier on you. If you don't get new clarity, valuable insights or shifts that help you move on to the next step in your process, I'll give you 95% of your investment back. (The remaining 5% is to cover payment processing fees.) That way you can a bit more safely take a leap, try something new and simply see if it is for you.

What If I Have Another Questions?

Reach out at support@selfmasteryandbeyond.com and we'll get back to you shortly.

Are you ready?

Walk away feeling inspired to continue your own work, and with the excitement of someone who’s just overcome a big obstacle.