A deep and juicy process to shed an old identity, befriend death and create room for what you want more of


Join Eva and the BEING ME members this December in:

The life-affirming process of dying

(aka letting go of/stop clinging to/dissolving ego mind-identification)

Dying: the tool as important as birthing in the Artists toolbox and the uncomfortable truth we deny. Just look at life itself, constantly shedding and creating new.

BEING ME is my 7-month alchemical program that puts you in touch with your true self, underneath the old layers of conditioning. It comes with all the stuff.

I know, however, that not everyone has the time, money, or attention to invest in the full journey.

That's why you're invited to join the Death/Rebirth process that is a wildly appreciated part of Being Me.

During three weeks together, you'll get guided in an often highly uncomfortable (to the ego) process of letting go. A process you can then repeat whenever it's time for a new iteration of YOU.

"Super powerful process that across 10 days of working on it, really made deep shifts. I found it so helpful for really getting that what feels like a truth is actually just a bit of programming that you've been believing for so long that you don't question it."

- Georgie M



The letting go of an old identity

Noticed how your mind is rejecting what you're feeling, experiencing and even thinking? Like there is something wrong with you for having the inner experiences you're having?

"Why am I so angry about this, I should be grateful for what I've got"
"Oh, no, I'm feeling anxious again! I thought I had come further than this"

If you're familiar with my work you know that even though this voice might sound harsh and judgmental, it's actually trying (in it's own unhelpful way) to keep you safe.

But what it IS doing, as long as you're identified with or believe it, is standing in the way of your healing, growth and freedom. And since we know that what is in the way IS the way - let's meet with this aspect of you.

In this year's Death/Rebirth process in Being Me, we'll lovingly put rejection, self-criticism and judgment on the pyre. So that you can meet all of you with love and acceptance. Which in turn will allow you to shift old patterns and heal wounds.

BUT there's more! This process can be repeated on anything you want to shed. You decide how deep you want to go and what you're ready to let go of.

Whatever you choose to meet with and put in the ground during the darkness of December, you enter the new year with more room for new energy and a new dream.

I can't wait to guide you through some of the most powerful practices I know to overcome resistance and fear and finally let go.


  • 2+ hours of videos (teachings and instructions for the month)
  • 20 days of surprising, deep and oh so powerful practices (to identify shadow parts and fears clinging to the old version)
  • 2 live coaching sessions with Eva (attend live, ask questions, or watch the recording)


  • Continued access to the material (do the process many times for different patterns)
  • Join future rounds at no cost!

Get access with one payment of $333:

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OR three monthly payments of $111:

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Answers to your questions

This sounds great, but not sure I can fit it into my schedule. How much time do I need to set aside?

You need an initial hour to watch the instructions and decide what you're letting go of. Then you'll need around 30 minutes most days for 20 days to do journaling or meditation. Lastly, you need about 2 hours for your letting go ceremony on a day of your choice.

Maybe the more important question is: can you afford to keep clinging to this part of you?

How long do I have access? Do I need to do the practices during December?

You have access indefinitely. Meaning you can get the practices now and move through them whenever works with your schedule. This is a process you can repeat on your own many times. AND when you sign up now you have access to coming years' process when/if we repeat it!

What formats are the practices in? Can I download them?

You'll get immediate access to our space in the Embodied community with audio recordings, videos and written instructions. You can download everything except for the videos (since they contain questions from members we don't want these spread around).

What kind of practices are we talking about exactly?

You'll start with an initial video session where I go through the practices for the month and guide you into the felt sense of letting go. You're also guided to find your focus for the month (what you want to let go of).

Then you'll move into 10 days of daily journaling to find unconscious fears about letting go of this aspect of yourself. Next, you move into 10 days of Shadow Integration with a daily 20 min meditation.

We'll meet for 2 live sessions where you can bring your questions and receive coaching around your process so far.

Then, on a day of your choice, you do a letting go ceremony.

I'm thinking of doing the full BEING ME program next year. Should I wait with this?

This is a process in Being Me that doesn't grow old, each round will just take you deeper into layers of yourself each time you do it.

If you're thinking about joining the full round next year, don't let that stop you from moving through this alchemical process. It's actually a great way to get to know the container, members, and my way of guiding you.

I want to do the Death/Rebirth process but I can't be there live for the coaching sessions. Will I miss out?

Nope, don't let that stand in your way. You'll be able to watch the recording after. If you do have questions you can send them to me beforehand if you can't be there live. So you can still get coaching and answers even if you can't make the time.

Are there other payment options?

If you'd like to pay through Paypal or an invoice, we're happy to help with that. We're also able to facilitate split payments if this would help. Simply reach out at support@selfmasteryandbeyond.com.

What's the refund policy?

Due to the nature of this digital package, with you getting access and being able to download practices, this package/payment is completely non-refundable.

However, if you have questions about the practices or feedback, email: support@selfmasteryandbeyond.com.

Other questions? Ask me here and get a personal answer!