Consciously connect and listen with your full presence so you can build trust, intimacy and emotional openness in your relationships.


Audrey (Germany)

"I ended up having really amazing conversations with my husband and daughter. My favorite one was my 6-year-old saying that the voice of her mind always tells her to act a certain way in order to get a certain result (example: hitting her brother will make him listen to her) but that when she does what it says, it never works out. So she came to the insight that maybe she should not believe all that her mind tells her. And all of that came out of her with me just listening and asking a few questions. Amazing!"

Create the connections you long for

We all long for deeply connected and richly intimate relationships in which we feel seen, heard and appreciated. And we want to offer it in return to the people we care about.

But often, your closest relationships become unsatisfying and leave you feeling alone, misunderstood, frustrated, stuck, and disconnected.

Wouldn't it be a relief to have a conversation that got to the source of the problems and resolved them? Wouldn't it be wonderful to be listened to in a way that people saw your value?

Imagine that you can feel relaxed and confident because you now have the skills to navigate conversations that used to create tension.

Conscious Connection is the most effective way for you to feel understood, valued, and supported. Learn to do this through a few practical steps in one weekend, and you will notice people responding to you differently.

––––––––––––––––– INTRODUCING: –––––––––––––––––

Relationship Connection

Improve communication with your family, friends, co-workers, clients, as well as your partner

––––––––––––––– A 2-DAY LIVE WORKSHOP –––––––––––––

January 15-16 2022
10am-12:30pm Pacific US / 1-3:30pm Eastern US / 7-9:30pm Central European

In this workshop, we'll guide you in:

  • Experiencing what it is like to be consciously present and build a conversation from that state
  • Identifying what gets in the way and moving it aside
  • Speaking more authentically by being in touch with what you feel and really mean
  • Getting to the core of a conflict and resolving it, and stop bouncing around the surface

So that you can:

  • Change the way you engage with partners, children, family members, friends and clients so that they start opening up to you
  • Share more honestly about what you want
  • Start dissolving tension and resolving conflicts
  • Feel more secure and free in your relationships

James (USA)

"There I was believing that – because of my NLP training – I’m an expert listener. Like focus on the lips, look into the eyes, appear engaged.
I wasn't actually listening; I was eliciting confirmation of what I already knew. Wow! I saw for the first time how this mind of mine 'listens'."

Join the workshop and start creating Conscious Connections

What you get when signing up

  • Two-day live workshop with Gary & Eva - 5 hours of teachings, practices, and answers to your questions
  • Step-by-step practices - that you're guided in during the session and can take home and start implementing right away
  • Access to the recordings for 20 days to watch again (option to get the recordings for download for $100)
  • An online group (not Facebook) to ask questions and learn from each other

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Join live:

Your Guides

Confusion, and frustration in relationships is what got your guides into the self mastery work. They combine their mistakes, humbling learnings, and turning points, with spiritual teachings, behavioral science and a non-judgmental presence - all to guide you in the skills of transforming your relationships.

Gary van Warmerdam

Gary has been guiding people for the past 20 years in changing their belief systems and emotions. He's the author of the book MindWorks. He had an extraordinary teacher in Don Miguel Ruiz, a neurosurgeon trained in the shamanic traditions of his Mexican ancestors, who taught him to apply spiritual wisdom in practical ways to relieve his mind of suffering.

Gary was previously married for 10 years. He thought he knew how to build a happy relationship, but a few years in, he was no longer connecting with his partner. Looking back, he can see all the opportunities that he missed to change the direction of conversations. He now wants to show others how to safely steer past the disconnecting moments, and hopefully save them a lot of pain.

More about Gary on his website

Eva Beronius

Eva has been guiding groups and individuals to greater self mastery and deep personal transformation for the past five years. She is the founder of the highly-praised online journeys Being Me and Beyond the Mind, and the host of the Uncover YOU podcast.

She believes one of the most important pieces to healing is connection – with yourself, with others and with life itself.

Coming from a history of relationships with mistrust and disconnection and having experienced first-hand the radical shifts conscious presence will bring, Eva is excited to bring these tools to others to help them live with more connection, integrity, and freedom.

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More about Eva on her website

Jim (USA)

"This is a great practice.

Now I’m really listening, and my mind isn’t just thinking of the next thing to say."

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this only for partners in romantic relationships?

No. It's for singles, partners, parents, friends, co-workers and anyone who wants to learn how to get others to open up to them and form heart-to-heart connections rather than ego-to-ego connections. Ultimately, it will help you improve your relationship with yourself as well as others.
With that said, what we're covering in this workshop will have a huge impact on your romantic relationships.


When is the workshop?

The live workshop will take place on Jan 15 and 16, from 2-4 pm Eastern each day. Afterward, the recordings of the live workshop will be available to watch for free for 20 days.


How much does the workshop cost?

You can get it later for $295 or join us live for only $95. That's 5 hours of powerful teachings, practices and discussions.
The replays of the sessions will be available to watch for the first 20 days after the workshop.
If you'd like to download the recordings and slides to keep indefinitely, you can add that for $100 when signing up.


Do I have to share about myself with others?

No. This is not group therapy and you don't have to share about your personal life.
However, there will be sections where we break out into smaller groups and practice talking or listening around specific topics with other people.

This might feel nervous, but we assure you that:
1. You're not alone. Others will feel nervous too.
2. The Self Mastery community has people who are practicing self-awareness and non-judgment and you'll probably not find a better and safer space to practice.
3. You'll get clear guidance on how to do this.

You could of course choose to opt-out of the group practices, or choose to only be an observer in them. But it's really you practicing this with others that will have a big impact on your awareness and experience of conscious presence. If you feel okay doing so, we encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try it out.


How long will I have access to the recordings?

The replays of the sessions will be available to watch free of charge for 20 days after the workshop. If you'd like to download the recordings and slides to keep forever you can purchase them when you register for the workshop for $100.


Can I ask questions after the workshop, or when watching the recordings?

Yes! When you register you get access to a private group in our community (not Facebook) where you can share your insights or ask us and other members questions. We'll keep that group open for 20 days after the live workshop and will support you in the practices.

Are you ready?

Learn the tools and practices that will help you become a conscious communicator and enrich your relationships. Walk away feeling inspired and confident in your ability to create the deeper connections you've been longing for.