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FREE training

From struggling

and reactive

to peaceful and

safe in relationships

The 3 Keys No One Told You

to finally feel grounded and connected

in your romantic partnerships


8am Pacific US | 11am Eastern US | 4pm UK | 5pm Central Europe


If you're accomplished and have done inner work -
and still are experiencing loud reactions and painful loops in your relationships:

Chances are that you have been missing these three ingredients to finally heal the wound underneath jealousy, anger, freeze, rejection, avoidance, anxiety or insecurity.

Join me for this free training
where I'll share the 3 keys that my clients use to finally figure out the relationship piece

(and have the oh-so-delicious experience of silence and spaciousness where there used to be hot burning reactions)

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(recording available for 1 week if you can't be there live)

If you fall in love with this work and want to go deeper, there is an opportunity to join my 5-week online program Alchemy with a discount when you join this session.


Hi I’m Eva Beronius,

your guide back to your true self

I’ve been coaching and leading groups long enough to know that a lot of self-help teachings and spiritual concepts add to the sense that what you're feeling is wrong. By teaching a new understanding of our inner world, I’ve helped hundreds of humans who've done years of inner work, to finally shift jealousy, anger, people-pleasing, and other reactive patterns in relationships.

Let’s say goodbye to your most persistent patterns and experience the YOU underneath old conditioning. So that you can create safe and ridiculously good relationships - with yourself and others.